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NBN Pit and Pipe civil works Asbestos Storage Solutions

If you’re a civil or telecommunications contractor completing works for the installation of the NBN, and are constantly running into Asbestos(ACM) pit and pipe, we have a solution for you.

We currently run a daily pick up service on site, at the pit, anywhere in the greater Melbourne area. This is great if you’re in a position where the EPA won’t allow you to store your collected Asbestos in your yard or factory at the end of a day’s work.

However, if you are able to store in your own premises, we have solutions for that also. We offer storage bin sizes from 1100l (1.1m3) all the way up to 10m3 hook-lift bins and everything in between. The ability to use a large asbestos storage bin is dependent on what the EPA will allow you to do, and the suitability of your site. All of these bin sizes have lockable lids if you wish/require, at an extra cost.

We provide these bins at a modest rental cost, and only charge for a pick up service when you need it. We don’t have lock in contracts, and no minimum monthly service requirements. Ie; we will not force a service charge on you if you do not require the bin to be emptied.

These bins are all less than 2 years old, look very professional, and are great for your image towards your principal contractor.

Once you have loaded the ACM into our bin, you will not need to touch it ever again. We handle it all from here. We can also operate as an accredited agent for you, also completing the EPA waste transport certificates for you, and removing some of the headache from that process.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can help your business efficiently dispose of the ACM you generate. We can make a visit to your premises, and provide the best solution to you.