It is well documented that exposure to Asbestos can cause health problems. It is important to understand why asbestos is harmful, how it became so commonly used and how to correctly dispose of it.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate substance found in the environment. It was manufactured and widely used between the 1800s through to the mid 1980s for many purposes including building materials and more recently automotive brake pads. It was particularly favoured for its combination of flexibility, strength, insulation and chemical inertness. Asbestos fibres are extraordinarily fine, much finer than a human hair. The fibres can float in the air for a very long period and are generally invisible to the naked eye, so they can easily be breathed in. Asbestos fibres that have been inhaled can cause respiratory disease and by the 1930s this was scientifically documented by medical partitioners.

In Victoria, asbestos cement sheet was used as a building material until the 1980s when it was gradually phased out. Today, it is illegal to manufacture and import asbestos based materials. However, due to its versatility and how commonly it was used over many decades, asbestos is still found in Victoria.

Most people find asbestos sheet when renovating and developing property. It’s important to be able to recognise asbestos and to remove it correctly and safely, wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). If you’re unsure leave it to the experts. Ace Bin Hire can arrange for professional asbestos removalists to do the job and, of course, we will provide bins for the safe transport and disposal of any asbestos.