Waste management is as much about preserving the environment as it is about the safe disposal of refused materials.

Ace Bin Hire aims to be a transparent service provider when it comes to how we operate to minimise our impact on the environment and the greater community. The purpose of this page is to provide information about materials we transport and/or dispose of and how we manage those materials safely.

Each member of our team is trained to safely transport Prescribed Industrial Waste (PIW) including hazardous materials containing asbestos and contaminated soil. Our certifications are recognised by the Victorian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and issued by the Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA).

As we learn more about our impact on the environment in all areas of life it is important for the waste management industry to employ the most up to date practices for disposing of all waste materials. Some of the ways Ace Bin Hire aims to minimise our impact on the environment are listed below.

Clean Waste Bin Hire – One of the waste services we offer, “clean bins”, is an alternative to mixed general waste bins. In the waste industry, the term “clean” refers to a material that is separated from all other materials so that it may be recycled. Examples of possible clean materials are bricks, concrete, roofing tiles, soil (not contaminated), timber and steel.

The benefits of sorting and separating materials that can be recycled are many and positively impact our community in lots of ways. Just like residential recycling, which started as a small box in the 90’s and is now a larger wheelie bin than general waste, commercial recycling practices have grown and the range of materials we are now able to recycle in large quantities is broader.

Disposing of clean waste materials at the correct transfer stations, such a Alex Fraser Group and AAZ Recycling, is cost effective for the client and waste transporter as the cost is far less than that of landfill tip fees. It also reduces waste going to landfill, which is fast becoming an extremely limited resource. Finally, it has a positive impact on the greater community by almost eliminating refuse materials and reducing manufacturing requirements for the same materials.

Unlike many of our competitors, Ace Bin Hire’s environmental responsibility extends to asbestos. Our aim is to aid in the safe and speedy removal of asbestos and ultimately to rid the community of asbestos materials. We tip asbestos waste at EPA licenced landfill and provide all customers with supporting documentation (Waste Transport Certificate).

If you’d like more information about environmental services provided by ACE BIN HIRE please call now and speak to our friendly staff.