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Can I DIY remove Asbestos from my home

Do you think you have asbestos in or around the home?

If your house was built pre-1990, there’s a good chance that it may contain asbestos somewhere. If your home was built pre-1980, there’s a VERY high chance of it containing asbestos materials.

However, there’s nothing to fear, as Asbestos Containing Materials can be removed DIY by the home owner, and you can save a heap of money doing so. There are some safety guidlines to follow, such as wearing the correct PPE, being well planned ei; informing nearby neighbours of your intentions, etc… And also, correct disposal, where we come into the picture.

Correct PPE (personal protective equipment) includes items such as disposable coveralls, dust masks, gloves and eyewear, etc… There’s no such thing as too much PPE when removing asbestos, and it’s best to wear as much as makes you feel comfortable. All PPE needs to be either disposed of along with the asbestos materials, or decontaminated, usually with water. It’s common practice to use mainly disposable PPE, and throw it into an asbestos safe plastic bag, which we can supply if you wish, and place it as the last item to go in the skip bin before collection.

If you would like any further information on how to safely DIY remove asbestos from your home, please get in contact with us at Ace Bin Hire on 03 0551 3225.

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