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Correct Asbestos PPE for DIY removals

For those of you interested in DIY removal of asbestos, but unsure of the requirements for PPE(personal protective equipment), I hope you find the following information helpful.

Items of PPE required as follows:

  • disposable coveralls
  • safety boots (well advised)
  • disposable boot covers
  • gloves
  • mask
  • protective eye wear

Your disposable coveralls need to be at least, Type 5, category 3 (prEN ISO 13982 –1) or greater. It is preferred you use disposable coveralls, because any fiber generated in the removal of the asbestos materials, is thrown away along with the asbestos waste. If you’re unsure if you have the correct coveralls, they should feel very non-porous, and won’t breath much at all. This prevents fibers going through the coveralls, and onto your clothes underneath.

Safety boots are a good option if you think that there is a chance of heavy sheets landing on your feet in the removal process. However, it is good to avoid lace up boots, as the laces can trap fibers, and be very difficult to decontaminate after removal is complete. Gumboots are a good option, due to the easiness of cleaning them.

Boot coverings should be the same material as your coveralls.

Gloves, or the type of gloves are a personal preference, but must be worn. Thick rubber gloves that go well up the wrist are a good idea. No matter what gloves you use, these will need to be disposed of at the end of the removal process.

Your mask should be at a minimum P2 type. Bear in mind that respiratory protection is only fully effective when your face is clean shaven. If you have a full beard, you mask will only be as good ad filtering dust as your beard.

Regular protective eye wear will suffice. Just make sure it is stated as being safety eye wear, and not sunglasses. Safety glasses should be fittet over your dust mask, not underneath.

I hope you find this info helpful. If you have any further inquiries about Asbestos, and safety measures surrounding it, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at Ace Bin Hire on 03 9551 3225.